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Stop Recliner Moving on Floor

DURA-GRIP® works under all furniture, including recliners, to stop moving and sliding. Usa DURA-GRIP® under your recliner to stop it from moving and sliding on hard floors. Our DURA-GRIP® can be made in custom sizes and shapes to fit under any recliner base. Once DURA-GRIP® is under your recliner, you may recline it freely without any movement on your floor.

How To Use DURA-GRIP® for Recliners
DURA-GRIp® for fecliners should be large enough to accomdate your recliner base. Most recliners have a bse that sits directly on the hard floor. This base is what can move when you use the recliner. Place a DURA-GRIP® at least the same size in shape and diameter under the recliner base and your recliner will stay on the pad and the entire gripper pad will prevent the recliner from moving.

How To Order DURA-GRIP® for Recliners
We make recliner gripper pads in round and square shapes. Round recliner bases are perhaps the most common, yet simply give us the shape and size of your base and we will cut the correct DURA-GRIP® to use under it.

To Order
Call or email us with your recliner base dmensions and we will gladly reply with the price and production time of your gripper. Most recliner pads are made within 2 business days and ship for free as is the case with all of our products.

Telephone to order DURA-GRIP® for recliners

Email to order DURA-GRIP® for recliners

Whether you email or call, please be ready to provide us with the size and diameter of the recliner base so that we may give exact estimates of cost and production time.